National Brand Awards | Entry Process
The National Brand Awards are a global, all-encompassing awards program that recognizes outstanding achievement in Business, Innovation and Technology across all industry sectors. The National Brand Awards are assessed utilizing the INPPRF and WCRDE Framework.
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Q.: How does our business & Industry, Individuals / organization enter the Awards?

A.: To participate in program you are required to download the current nomination forms and read carefully eligibility, containing the National Brand Awards(Star Company/Royal Star Company), Individual/Personal Brand Awards, President of Choice Awards and the WCRDE International Education Awards  instructions for completing your nomination. You can download the nomination form (A) for National Brand Award and (B) for WCRDE International Education Awards by clicking on the '(A) Download Nomination Form'  and (B) Download Nomination Form' link on. The following are Awards websites at: ; ; 

Q.: What do you do with my nomination/registration details?

A.: Your privacy is very important to us. Your nomination/registration data is kept confidential and only used for the purposes of processing your entry and keeping you up-to-date about our award programs. We will not use this information for any other purpose and will not disclose this information to any third parties. You may cancel your nomination/registration at any time.

Q.: How do I update my nomination/registration details?

A.: You can update your nomination/registration data at any time by sending e-mail upgradation option. If you elect to cancel your nomination/registration you will no longer receive information or updates from the program convener. If you decide not to proceed with your entry this year but would like to continue receiving information about future programs then you do not need to cancel your nomination/registration.

Q.: What do I do once I have completed the nomination/registration process?

A.: Once nomination received, you will receive an email  within 7 business days. Please refer to the further e-mail for selection of awards.

Q.: Our company, individual or organization entered last year, can we enter again this year?

A.: There is currently no limit to the number of consecutive years that the same company, individual or organization can enter the Awards.

Q.: Can entrants submit entries into multiple award categories?

A.: There is currently no limit to the number of entries any participating company, individual or organization can submit for assessment.

Q.: How I get our National Brand Awards?

A.: The National Brand Awards can be handed-over by WCRDE and INPPRF Ambassador of their respective Country, or National Chamber of Commerce & Industry, or any official function of WCRDE & INNPRF. On special request by the awardee, to receive award by the hand of H.E. Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI President of the Award Committee or senior official managment, so, in that case, awardee has to bear the cost of 1st class airfare, accomondation, local transport etc and recipient would be organised a Press Conference in their place to hand-over the Award to the recipient for greater exposure and mileage of their achievment.

Q.: How I get our WCRDE International Education Awards?

A.: The WCRDE International Education (10 Superlatives Awards) can be handed-over by WCRDE and INPPRF Ambassador of their respective Country/WCRDE Honorary Commissioner, or National Chamber of Commerce & Industry, or any official function of WCRDE & INNPRF or in general, superlatives award would be dispatched by the courier/post to recipient of their official address.

Entries for The National Brand Awards are currently being accepted.