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The National Brand Awards are a global, all-encompassing awards program that recognizes outstanding achievement in Business, Innovation and Technology across all industry sectors. The National Brand Awards are assessed utilizing the INPPRF and WCRDE Framework.
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Our Founder

The National Brand Awards & WCRDE International Education Awards was founded by Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI, in 2014, in conjunction with H.E. Ummi Khanam, Ambassador to India of UN (WHF) and support of other collegues. Both were concerned that young people’s development & orphanage, downtroddens was lacking in certain key areas, and they resolved to create a programme that would be a 'do-it-yourself kit in the art of civilised living'.

Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI.

The subsequent spread of the Awards across the globe is testament to the universal appeal of the awards programs, and the vision of its founder. However, even Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI admits that this took him by surprise: "When the first trial of the Award was launched in 2014 by practical support of H.E. Ummi Khanam, Ambassador to India of UN (WHF), no one had any idea quite what would happen. In the event it was an instant success, and the Award has been growing and expanding worldwide ever since."

Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI has remained committed to the Awards since its birth over 2 years ago. He continues to be involved, particularly in recognising the achievements of Award participants and the Star Companies and Royal Star Companies and Individuals, Governments, Education Society who support them.

IMPORTANT MISSION : The National Brand Awards have been created by "International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum -INPPRF" and "World Council for Regular and Distance Education -WCRDE" jointly under the legal control of "International Non-Olympic Committee -INOC" only in view of encouraging the Star Companies, Royal Star Companies and Royal Legend and Individuals around the World to support downtrodden peoples by sponsonsring these above projects to help them to be independent and encourage them to contribute his/her life for building the World for Global Peace and Integrity of the World, instead of they depend on us.

Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI is also holding these global positions :-

1. Global President-International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC (,
2. Founder & Rector-International Non-Olympic University-INOU (,
3. Global President- Council For Regular and Distance Education-WCRDE ( ,
4. Global President-International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum-INPPRF (,
5. Global President-World Sports Karate Federation-WSKF , ( ,
6. Global Chairman-International Super-Cricket Committee-ISCC , ( ,
7. Global President-International Yoga Committee-IYC (,
8. Global President-International Silambam Committee-ISC (,
9. Global President-National Brand Awards Committee-NBA (,
10. Global Chairman & Chief Executive Officer- Quality Factor -QF ( ),
11. Global Editor-In-Chief-Noble World Records-NWR (
12. Global Editor-In-Chief-Non Olympic Times-NOT (, Non-Olympic Channel (YouTube)
13. Global President-Indo-OIC Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry-IICCI ( )

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